Our therapists specialize in deep tissue therapeutic massage. Integrating long connective strokes & muscle manipulation. Yet they cater each massage to the individual.

The therapists at Reviving Massage are very well-known in the Massage community, Several have been practicing up to 20 years!

They have joined together now in Salt Lake City. Our therapists integrate their passion for healing and love of massage by educating clients mind while reviving their body.

Linda Halowell

Linda HallowelLinda is very passionate about massage and body work. She graduated in 2009 from Eagle Gate College and has been successful in her career for 6 years.
Her specialty is trigger point and Deep tissue/body work massage. She is intuitive and reads the body well without hesitation. All sessions are customized to your needs, you will leave feeling better and pain free every time.

Troy Halowell

Troy is a Licensed Massage Apprentice. He is practicing Therapeutic modalities including Swedish, Sports, & Deep Tissue Massage. He will be a Licensed Massage Therapist the first of 2018. Troy’s long history as an EMT, & currently as an x-ray technician has led him to the love of massage. He’s a very active athlete within bodybuilding and every day life. Given his career in healthcare he is very knowledgeable with the anatomy of the body. Troy is passionate about catering each massage to the individual clients needs.

Kimberly Maucher

Kimberly is a very intuitive therapist working with Swedish, deep tissue and structural techniques to achieve pain relief and balance in body. She is very careful to listen to your concerns and addresses projects with effective attention and detailed work