Aesthetic Treatment Reviews

I’m a dude and I honestly didn’t want to get a treatment because I thought it was “not my thing”. Only, I’m also apparently vain and getting a sun spot on my face at early 30s is really not my thing.

I chose Sweet Burch because I can’t stand the smell of most hair/nail salons. She does chemical peels, but unless you are getting one, you wouldn’t know.
I has a few youth mask treatments and I can see a difference in the lines and flexibility of my skin. Though it does make me shiny for a day.

The price is great and Brittney is amazing at getting the job done and making you feel comfortable.
She’s able to work around my facial hair, which I was blown away by because a prior aesthetician told me it would make getting a facial “too difficult to clean up”.

-Devin D.

First and not last chemical peel! I thought it was going to be rough getting it done.. She made me feel so comfortable, I just about fell asleep.
Thanks a million you guys are great!

-Ryan R.

My face feels amazing! I got the ultimate experience and best experience ever! Such awesome people!!

-Cherie M.

My skin looked and felt amazing. My experience was totally relaxing. Very nice and clean spa. Great location!!

-Jennifer P.

Massage Reviews

I am from Ohio and I came to Salt Lake for work this week. After calling numerous massage companies Reviving Massage was the only place who could get me and my co-worker in. BEST massage ever! Rachel was my therapist and she was amazing. I will definitely come back next time I am in town.

-Tanya L.

I saw Tavish and received an excellent 90 minute massage. I am very picky about my massages; I chose Reviving Massage because of the high reviews and I was not disappointed. Tavish is not only professional and skilled, but you can tell she enjoys her work. She communicated throughout the session to ensure I was comfortable and that she was applying my preferred pressure – sometimes even using her knees to meet my deep tissue request! I am happy and relieved to have found my new go-to location for a great massage.

-Desiree R.

I received a massage from Tavish yesterday and I feel like her massage changed my life. I work from home and have terrible posture and worked up some pretty impressive knots in my neck and back. In the past I have had plenty of massages by several different therapists. I’ve had favorite therapists here and there, but my body would get used to their technique and I’d move on.

Tavish is very professional, as are the other therapists at Reviving Massage. Reviving Massage offers a clean and friendly environment, and it smells so good in there. It looks like they recently updated their facility, it is well kept. The rooms are a nice size and are nice and quiet.

Tavish was very kind and thorough in her consultation with me and made me feel very comfortable. During the massage she was very professional and kept me well covered. I enjoy a good deep tissue massage and I was very impressed with her pressure. She combines a variety of massage modalities which was my favorite part, and she does it in a way that is poetic. I know I won’t grow tired of her massage.

Today I woke up feeling refreshed. I can breathe deeper, my hips are more flexible, my posture is improved, and my mind is clear. I am very impressed with Tavish’s massage and with Reviving Massage and I will certainly be back!

-Katie P.

My boyfriend and I came in for a couples massage today 02-12-2017 and we were extremely impressed! Jacob and Tavish were very professional and we both agree that it was the best experience we have ever had! We will definitely be back!

-Angela and Clark

Devin was fantastic. He knows his stuff and he did a great job. I will definitely be going back. I have had a lot of massages over the last ten years and Devin was up there with the best of them.

-Rees R.

I received cranial therapy from Jacob Belyeu and it was wonderful!! I have never received such, a not only relaxing, but beneficial massage. I feel better than I have since I wrecked my car. I am forever thankful. Loyal long term customer right here

-Dember Mae.

Linda is amazing! This isn’t just an hour or two of someone rubbing lotion on your body then sending you on your way. Linda takes the time to talk to you about what type of massage would be the most beneficial each visit and then customizes that to your bodies needs.
Linda finds the trigger points and works them out. Stop thinking about it and book with her now!

-Jake C.

If you are a deep tissue lover this place is for you. I have been in twice to see Jakob, and will be coming back very soon. I have chronic back pain, which makes life extremely difficult. Jakob’s work makes me feel better and less stressed. Overall space is clean, inviting and peaceful. :):):):):)

-Ariane S.

Jacob Belyeu was fantastic. He did a great job and worked hard through the entire hour. He knew his stuff and was very good at asking me if the pressure was ok. I highly recommend this places. It has a good atmosphere and the people are friendly and polite and the wait time is very limited.

-Rees R.

Great massage, targeting my sore spots and tight muscles. I will being going back to get more work on my shoulders. Jacob was very professional.


I’ve been going to Bryan for several years for great massage therapy. I’m pleased that he’s opened this new location. The rooms are clean, relaxing, comfortable and professional. I can’t speak to the other therapists but I’m sure Bryan only keeps the best working there. His therapeutic work is wonderful. He knows just how much pressure to use and where to focus to work out my knots and sore muscles. I have a history of neck injuries and he does a fantastic job of keeping my neck loose and flexible. I recommend checking out Bryan at Reviving Massage.


Andrea M. Was AMAZING!!! I didn’t know relaxation could get to that level. She was extremely professional and thorough – making sure to check regularly if her techniques were working and at the correct pressures. She utilized a diverse set of styles and techniques and felt like her 5 years of experience was well beyond some I’ve been to with 10-15 years+. Best massage ever!!! THANK YOU Andrea

-Dave L.

I must say, this massage place is the best I’ve been to. And I will say, I have been to quite a few in my time. There is a specific therapist named Andrea who works on me on a bi-weekly basis and she is top tier with her works. A few weeks ago I tweaked my upper back & shoulder area so bad that I left work early to hit up an urgent care unit. The first place creeped me out so much that I left. The second & third denied me because I didn’t have my insurance card. So by this time I was done & decides to call Andrea for an appointment to see if she could help. Within an hour, however she had me feeling way better! Yeah, I woke up feeling sore. Yet after stretching some (and hearing my shoulder blade pop like it was shattering into a million pieces) I felt a LOT better!

Andrea will not only help you with sore muscles, but she has abilities to save you hundreds, if not thousands in hospital bills, lost work time, & lowered pay rates for light duty. Go see her! You will not regret it! For sure she WILL help you as she does me!

-Mike P.

This place is amazing I got my appointment right away 30 minutes before closing! My massage was for an hour!! Super clean, smells so good and Melissa was the person who took care of me! She is fantastic! Feel so good now! My pain went away! I super recommend this place! It’s the best of the best!

-Nancy C.

So professional and so kind! I was nervous as it was my first real massage, but they made me feel so comfortable. I’ve already rescheduled for next month! Thank you again!

-Riley M.

What an incredible experience! Being our first massage they made sure we were comfortable, and really took care of us. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Will definitely be using these guys again, and soon!

-Kamren & Colton

I desperately needed a massage, so I thought I would try this place. The Asian places make me nervous, so I was glad I got an appointment here for an hour massage. I came in with a terrible headache, and left with it gone. It was conservatively decorated, dark, and had really pretty art on the walls. They got me right in for my appointment, I can’t wait to be back in.


I got a much needed massage today from Andrea. She was fantastic! It truly was reviving. After the stress with all that’s going on in the world right now, it was so healing to take an hour and reconnect spiritually and physically. I felt rejuvenated.

I HIGHLY recommend Reviving Massage to anyone.

-Jamie Dutson

Bryan is a genius, and I don’t use that word lightly. I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced many massages and many massage therapists in my life. I feel I know the difference between bad, mediocre, and exceptional – and Bryan is exceptional. He possesses the rare qualities of really caring about what he does and caring about each client. He has great instincts that he’s cultivated over the years for knowing exactly how to approach each client’s needs.

So what does all this ecstatic praise mean in practical terms? It means you are guaranteed to have a deeply healing and invigorating experience with Bryan. It means you can trust his instincts, skills, technique, and attention to detail to give you the best massage of your life. I know it was for me. Better than any massage I’ve had at many a 5-star hotel or spa. Trust your body to Bryan!

– Kendall Wilcox

Bryan has some of the best hands on the planet; his work is intuitive and truly amazing! Want to have a religious experience on the table? Let Bryan work on you. Many massage therapists can go deep, fewer can go deep in a good way that maximizes the therapeutic benefits but doesn’t damage the muscle and surrounding tissue–Bryan is one bodyworker that gets deep tissue work right. Worth every dollar, Bryan’s work will leave you feeling like a new person. Book an appointment right now…no, really!…right now!

-Tony Rasmussen

If you need a real professional strong massage, Bryan is your man. I found myself very stiff and sore from too much air travel of late. I sent Bryan a text seeking an appointment as soon as possible. He replied very quickly and we scheduled the time.

I was greeted professionally and taken to a very clean and comfortable studio. He asked about my specific needs then stepped out while I undressed and got settled on the table. When he returned, he went to work. He asked me a few questions to make me feel totally comfortable with him as he began to work on my back.

I spent the next 90 minutes receiving one of if not the best massage I have ever received. He frequently checked in with me to assure the pressure was correct. I knew I needed some deep tissue work, so expected some pain. What I felt was strong work reaching deep that felt amazing.

Bryan clearly has a great understanding of anatomy and muscle structure. He worked out every knot in my body leaving me feeling fully relaxed, flexible and pain free. I have had experiences with other therapist who worked out the knots, but left me feeling sore. Absolutely not the case with Bryan. Now several hours later, my body still feels tremendous and not a sore spot anywhere.

Again, if you are looking for a truly legitimate and professional massage by a man who will make you feel comfortable while working hard to meet your specific needs, you have found him with Bryan.

-Phil Griffin

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